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News from the project


Let me quote today's message from the message board of FM@H

--- Quote from: http://boinc.ucd.ie/fmah/forum_thread.php?id=69&nowrap=true#509 ---We've had a very nice performance increase over the last week or so. Previously we were processing ~300,000 dockings per day. Now we are processing about 530,000 per day.
Thanks for your help!

--- End quote ---

Thanks to you all!
Keep on crunching!
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News from Anthony Chubb:

--- Quote from: http://boinc.ucd.ie/fmah/forum_thread.php?id=69&nowrap=true#517 ---You're all more than welcome to keep supporting us as long as you like! This event put incredible strain on our system.. but in a good way!
Thanks again for supporting our project. We hope to have the first results from this work published by the end of Q1 2013.

--- End quote ---


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