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Decision about the project

Started by modesti, 08 January 2011 à 10:39:19

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What project shall we crunch for?

RNA World
18 (24.7%)
55 (75.3%)

Total Members Voted: 72

Voting closed: 15 January 2011 à 10:39:19



The discussions have lasted long enough. Time has come to make a decision.  :D

As time is running out of our hands, you can only choose between the 2 projects where we have already contacted the admins.

For more information about the projects:
- RNA World
- MalariaControl

Go !
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 :D Bonjour a`tous modesti,

thank you very much for your Thread here,  ;) my Vote is finished now  :+1:.

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Both projects are very bad projects due to the wu huge memory footprint.
RNA is even worse due to potential very long wus and no checkpoints.

So default choice is Malaria, but it is a very bad choice. For all those who don't have super size RAM on their hosts or those who don't have x times super size RAM per core (where x = # of cores), either they won't join or they will have to restrict the project to 1 core only.

This leads to a real deception: the choice for the project to run is really bad. Don't blame the very few persons who got involved in listing them: do flame everyone else who didn't care about joining to prepare the race :o


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Hi all,

Job's done.

Ready to crunch  :gniak:


Job is done.
I'm ready to fight (sorry to crunch)  :D



Thanks for organization!   :chuidac:


Vote and THX for Organization

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Vote and Thanks for Organization