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Post by: SEARCHER on 29 January 2012 à 07:45:02
 :D Hello Folks and Friends,

the 4. CHARITY TEAM CONTEST 2012 is finished now, but I stay now a while longer here.
I help here by the CLEAN UP , by Project RNA World and I :hyperbon: :hyperbon: :hyperbon: first all Workunits from this Project finished, before I changed to another Project.
 ;)  Maybe somebody want do it same me  :chuidac:.

  :jap: SEARCHER
Title: Re : CLEAN UP
Post by: modesti on 29 January 2012 à 08:13:21

A great THANK YOU to all the participants in this year's Charity Event :jap: :jap: :jap:
It's been a great "race" :bounce: :bounce: :bounce:

We will slowly close the doors while crunching the rest of our cache. Some of you may already want to return to their original team, others may want to stay a bit longer with the Charity Team. Just do as you like ;)
Anyway, we would love to welcome you again next year.
Title: Re : CLEAN UP
Post by: XSmeagolX on 30 January 2012 à 11:10:05
For me, all my running tasks are finished!
If there are any pendings, they will be granted to the Charity Team, because i didn't changed back to my team right now. I will wait until all pendings are granted!

I just stopped the comparison cronjob, so the comparison stats won't get updated anymore. I need this cronjob for other stats, starting tomorrow.
The Charity Team Stats are still running, so all of you are able to follow the Team-Stats at the moment.

It would be great to find someone, who wants to host those stats, because i have to stop them at latest in about a month.
I could provide the code for the stats-pages, the cronjob and a mysql-dump for the data for the Charity Team Stats.

I want to thank all participants who joined the Charity Team for this event!!!
And of course, I want to thank all the people for their time and their know-how for organization and helping to make this event such a great thing!!!

THANKS A LOT!! and see you next year!!!
Title: Re : CLEAN UP
Post by: modesti on 04 February 2012 à 20:11:36
Clean up seems to be finished. I'm closing the forum until the end of the year.
Have a good time and we hope to see you all again next year for the 5th Charity Event.

Thanks again for your participation :jap: