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No Chance for Spammers

Started by aendgraend, 25 December 2011 à 21:21:37

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Hello Crunching Mates,

As I'm right now the only active Guy who is left in the Charity Forum Admin Group I had to make a Decision today about doing some housekeeping today or not.

We had 2500+ Users registered Users in the Forum but most of them never logged in after their Registration or posted aynthing. A few Days ago I changed the Registration Method to "Approval needed" to stop this Forum from getting flooded with Rubbish from Spammers.

To get rid of the Mass of Spammers already registered (at least about 10 a Day try to register) I decided to manually delete Accounts that never posted anything or never logged in after Rgistration. I'm pretty sure that there may have been some Accounts only created for Reading. Be sure that it was absolutely not inteded to delete an active Account in use but i had to choose the best working Method for me. A deeply apologize if i deleted an Acount that was still in use.

I also approved 2 new Users where I could identify Crunchers behind the Mail Address.

I someone has a better Idea how I could prevent this Forum from Spammers then please let  me know. Approving new Users is for sure not the best Solution but I cannot housekeep this Forum every Day and would like to keep it as clean as possible. Obviously the Registration Method with visual Verification of a Picture isn't enough and the Verification Questions won't work as we have People with multiple native Languages here, so the Option "needs manual Verification at Registration" is for the the only working Method right now.

Another possible Option would be that everyone needs to register with his/her Teamname within the Nick, to make them - and on the other Hand Spammers - easier to identify, but we also have some Crunchers with us that are in no Team at all, so... :/

Comments and/or Ideas welcome



Well, the (new) registration works - but a little tricky for an non-french-speaking cruncher ...  :siflotte:


:hello: everyone,

Topic pinned for everyone to see - especially those who would like to join.

A hint for all those: Please complete your profile as much as possible to make it easier for us (in the meantime we're 2 admins) to separate good from bad.
The best would be to put the name of your team either as personal text (texte personnel) or as signature.
Thanks in advance.


Edit: After having made a test, I've noticed that you can't complete your profile as long as you haven't been approved :( So please, as aendgraend said above: use your usual Boinc-nick and - if ever possible - try to put the Team name or abreviation into your nick. You may change it afterwards.
Thanks and sorry for the inconvenience :jap:

Also: the password has to be composed of minimum 8 signs, composed of a mix of upper case and lower case letters as well as numbers.
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