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Designers wanted :-)

Started by modesti, 28 December 2011 à 11:00:55

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Congratulations, Duke! :yahoo:
All the best to Miguel, your wife and yourself.

The BOINC community has been growing fast for the last months and will still grow according to what I've read in different fora :siflotte:
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 :miam: Thanks Guys and Madam. After read my post today, I noticed I didnt told you, but of course I will be on the race with you this year. Small things a new father can forget. You are the best, Thanks. :love:

:D My wife is fine but I am still very shaked with the birth. :D Miguel is fine also.

Happy Duke :bounce:


 :cpopossib: Hello Duke ,

Small things a new father can forget . Sorry but I not think so Duke, you become now a new Work and a new Car also.  :siflotte:

_________ $$$.$.®j$.$.$$$__$$.$.$.®j$.$.$$

:oki: Let`s go new Father and PLEASE drive slowly and carefully . :chuidac:

:jap: Greatings SEARCHER
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Viva o Miguel pequeno ! :baby:

Congratulation Daddy Duke



Congratulations Duke.

Well done mate. If both Mum and Son are well, then all is good.
Calm down now and stay tuned to heat up during our charity Race  :D :D

all the best for ye


Congratz Duke for your new Diapers Processing Unit  :baby:

(:spamafote: couldnt resist)

Duke of Buckingham SETI.USA

 :cavapobienmwa: Maugou you are so right. :eek:

:cry: That is what they do ...  :doh:

Thanks to all of you.



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 :D Hello Duke my Friend,

here I have some Music, for Relax and Sleep.  :siflotte: For you, for your Wife and little Miguel.



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Duke of Buckingham SETI.USA


Quote from: Duke of Buckingham[TeaM] on 11 January 2012 à 00:31:29
Duke have been a father Today, again. Miguel was born with healthy 3,900 Kg in the early morning of the day 10th January, so excuse me something ... Next year I will be here to help you help the world. Let us a make a better world.

Duke the newest and proudest father.

This year, i wanted like to celebrate hope ...and the birth of little Miguel :baby: , just before our friendly event , was a perfect opportunity ! 

So the flag that i will choose during the race will be...Portugal !


Duke of Buckingham SETI.USA

 :love: Thanks Isa. It is a great honor for me and Miguel and his mother that happens to be my wife.  :D

:cpopossib: But as you know I have been experience problems with larger tasks and I am not downloading the smaller as you know also we are trying to solve the Problem at Musketeers Forum. I hope everything is solved in the beginning of the Event.

You all Rock. I like it here. I must RElearn French and German that I dont use for so long. :bipbip:

Ric the Crazy Duke