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Helping Hands / Organisations

Started by SEARCHER, 19 January 2014 à 15:24:23

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DE   :) Guten Tag und Hallo liebe Freunde des CHARITY TEAMS ,

wenn Ihr das Bedürfnis habt, bei dieser CHARITY nicht nur euere Rechenkraft zur Verfügung zu stellen,
sondern vielleicht ganz Persönlich einen kleinen Beitrag leisten wollt, mit oder ohne Geld, so habe ich hier ein paar Links für Euch :

FR  :) Bonjour chers amis de la CHARITY TEAM,

Si vous ressentez le besoin de ne pas seulement mettre votre puissance de calcul à disposition de cet événement CHARITY, mais que vous souhaitez contribuer personnellement, voici quelques liens pour vous. N'hésitez pas à poster d'autres liens pour vos pays respectifs :

ENG  :) Hello and good day dear friends of CHARITY TEAM ,

if you have the need to make this not only to your CHARITY computing power available,
but perhaps very personally want to make a small contribution, with or without money, so I've got a few links for you:

Für Deutschland :






For France :






International :





:jap: Greatings SEARCHER

:D  For all, please feel FREE to Post some Links from your Country here.

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Great thought, SEARCHER! There are many ways anyone can help - internationally or even locally. Lots of organizations take material donations, so next time you clean out a closet, perhaps you can help clothe or warm somebody who has been through a disaster. And even if you don't have much money or items to give, your time is a welcome resource. Most organizations have a volunteer coordinator who helps figure out a great way you can use whatever time and skills. So often when we think of international relief, we think the volunteers have to travel across the world and deal with harsh conditions. But, they are an organization with offices. They usually need tech support, accounting work, creative fundraising, etc.

And you're probably reading this and know all of this. We can always invite friends and neighbors to participate with us. Most times I have, they really enjoy and are excited to do more.


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You have already posted many good ones, but I will add this one since it is a subject near to my heart.


Also, here is a site which rates charities based on their efficiency and transparency.  I believe this is for US-based charities, although some of the ones listed do international work.  It's a good way to find a trustworthy organization which lines up with your goals.