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The Charity Event 2022 is over. Hope to see you again next year.
Das Charity Event 2022 ist vorbei. Wir hoffen auf ein Wiedersehen im nächsten Jahr.
Le Charity Event 2022 est terminé. Dans l'espoir de vous revoir l'année prochaine.

:kookoo: :jap:

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farewell - adieu - bis nächstes Jahr

Started by sysadm@nbg, 02 February 2014 à 16:15:21

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there is nothing more to say than the quote from the project sides
QuoteThe charity race is finished. Thanks to the BOINC Charity team for donating their computational power to SIMAP and substantially improving the project's performance!

A special thanks goes to the mods and to all the stats-maker

I hope I see you again next year
:hello: :hello: :hello:


Thank you all, until next year!

It's been a pleasure again to crunch with you.
Crunching for a better tomorrow!


How my camera shows me the world.


Yes, thanks to all. Once again the Charity Team showed how much power it has when it helps a project. :oki:

As usual, I'll finish my cache for the Charity Team before returning to my home-team.

Hope to see you all again next year :hello:
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This was my first year and I absolutely enjoyed it! God willing, I'll be back next year and will bring more firepower!

Good crunching the rest of this year to all!


It was a great time!!
All pendings will be going to the Charity Team on my account (about 10k left for verification).

This Event was my first Charity Event where i put 100% of my power (and even more, because I started earlier.. :D )

I was impressed by the power of this event and that we really reached the TOP50 of this "old" project, where a lot of teams spend a lot of power!

So, congratulations to all participant for reaching #33 at the end!

See you next year!


Thanks to everybody, it's always nice to participate here, see you all next year !!!