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Special action from the RoadRunners on this Benefit-Crunching

Started by jm@rc, 12 January 2009 à 14:53:18

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Hello everybody,

As the German members have noticed, we (l'Alliance Francophone) use "tags" on our account names to do races between members and between groups of members too. We have named this kind of groups: Mini-Teams.

My mini-team's name is : The RoadRunners ([AF>HFR>RR] *) and it counts about 66 members in.

As this operation is a charity one, we have decided to unify all our efforts in an unique account named [AF>HFR>RR] RoadRunners. All the RoadRunners who are going to participate will put their computers on this account.

We do this just because we think the Charity Team is a great proof of unity and friendship and that's what the RoadRunners are looking for through the grid computing.

Well, we just wanted to explain our decision to the members of l'Alliance Francophone and to you, our German friends.

See you on the grid side :D


Great idea "pti gars" ;)

what about a [AF>HFR>BZHWDT] Da BZH WoRld DominAtiOn Team ;)

I'm goin to propose this elegant solution to the members of the BZHWDT mini-team !

Black Hole Sun

Yop, this will explain why my personal account on Poem will remain at 0 (I created it to created the founder account for the Charity Team) : my hosts will crunch on the global account of my group.


Great idea!  :)
66 members...I hope all will participate  ;) ...that will give a great performance.  :D
I'm looking forward to see the RoadRunners-account going through the ceiling on Jan 24th.  [:otax]


My computers are already attached to this account and ready to start on Jan 24th :)


Great idea, I like it! (Also the world domination idea).
What does the HFR stand for?


HFR is the abreviation of "Hardware.fr" a well known french website and, moreover its forum, where some members of L'AF met before the creation of Boinc by Berkeley, this was a great time with Seti@Home crunching.


Quote from: OriginGreat idea "pti gars" ;)

what about a [AF>HFR>BZHWDT] Da BZH WoRld DominAtiOn Team ;)

I'm goin to propose this elegant solution to the members of the BZHWDT mini-team !

Ah, I see...you did it.  :D  New member: [AF>HFR>BZHWDT] Da BZH World Domination Team

We've discussed in our SG-board if we should make ONE account for all our members. But I think that this won't happen this time. Maybe next year when it's time for the "2nd Benefit-Crunching"?  [:sg joey]   :)



What a funny idea jm@rc!  :love:
Hope that this account will be in the top10 crunchers!  ;)   [:pousse mousse:4]


They are actually the first member ahear of marodeur !! (*) Good work boys !!

(*) but no, i know it's not a race between us but it's about making a bright action for the crunch.



One AF mini Team compared to our massif Boincaholic marodeur6, thats funny. :D


It will be hard to compare both account. There are about "only" 15 RoadRunners behind our account but they are almost biggest ones :D
One man against fifteen! But only the number of computers will count!

Marodeur6, can you take the lead? ;)

Our actual participants:

Black Hole Sun
Jim Profit
Raistlin Majere



never in my life! ;)

You should know, that the computers are my own. No company crunchers or something similar. But I'm planing to wiretap a power plant near my location. ;) But this will take some time!

If Sp0wn is part of your team, no way. So i will see, if RDLF or kevin_t increase their output...

But it is a nice idea to bundle the effort in one acount.