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How to register on this forum
« on: 08 January 2009 à 18:39:46 »

This forum is in French, so let's go for some explanation on how to register and turn the forum language to English. French, German, English, Spanish and Italian langages are available.

Please don't care about the name of the forum on the screenshots ;)

Note : if you already registered either on the AF forum OR the BoincStudio forum, you do not have to register again. Use the same login/password, it's automatic :)

Note 2 : if you have problems registering on this forum.
So follow the exact procedure described below, but do it on the AF main forum at this address :
Once you are registered and have received the confirmation email with the account activation link, THEN you can come back onto this Charity forum and you will be automatically logged.

Step 1 :
Click on "s'inscire"

You get to this :

Fill in your pseudo and a VALID email address

Scroll down to get to "Langage du forum" and set it to English or German (not shown on the screenshot, but you will get the option).

Scroll down to reach the "Validez votre inscription" button and click on it (bottom of the page)

You will receive an email (from with your password (in French, sorry :D)

1 : your login and your password
2 : a direct link that will automatically log you on the forum (and all the forum will display in English)
3 : a direct link to modify your password (but do not use it from the mail as you would not be already logged, therefore, the forum would not be already in English. You may modifiy your password once you are logged in by going into your profile.

Et voilà :bounce: