The Charity Event 2022 is over. Hope to see you again next year.
Das Charity Event 2022 ist vorbei. Wir hoffen auf ein Wiedersehen im nächsten Jahr.
Le Charity Event 2022 est terminé. Dans l'espoir de vous revoir l'année prochaine.

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Silence before the storm?

Started by SG Joey, 18 January 2009 à 13:00:39

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Quote from: mvarkI'm proud to be with you today. Solidarity around a project of science means that humans are better than we thought. You have opened a door, keep it open for a long time.
 :hello:  :hello:  :hello:  :hello:  thanks to all.

I can only agree with this. This collective crunching was absolutely great. A wonderful feeling to be joining this project together with so many people.

Thanks to all!


Yes that was cool  [:jeromec:7]

Do we have to wait for one year to have another event ??

Extra Ball

Collective wonderful great amazing fun international successful nice honored proud experience
This sentence has no sense at all when read like that
But these are your words guys!
Add Charity and all becomes evident: we made it