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:hello: crunchers of the world,

For the 10th edition of the Charity Event, we - the organizers - thought that it might be a good idea to crunch on one of the oldest biomedical projects: Rosetta

How to participate to the Benefit-Crunching-Action on Rosetta (January 14th 2018, 0.01h UTC, to January 27th 2018, 23.59h UTC)

1. First, get as many computers as you can :love:
2. Create an account on the project : this account can be personal or be for a group of users who want to crunch together (see below for this feature).
If you already have an account on the project, go on it and quit your current team (for the time of the Charity Race).
3. Join this team: https://boinc.bakerlab.org/rosetta/team_display.php?teamid=10787
Just follow the link and click "join"
4. Now your account is joined to the Charity Team.
5. Crunch!!!!

Now, if several people want to crunch together on a unique account in the Charity Team, it's easy:
1. The group account needs to exist: it's a normal account. Create it if it doesn't already exist.
2. The owner of the account can see both the Account Key and the Weak Account Key.
3. The owner of the account can just communicate the Weak Account Key to the people who want to join the group account.
(See also topic "Group accounts (i.e. SG Booster, [AF] Alliance Francophone, etc.)")

Stats (to be completed later)

Team Stats
BoincStats: https://boincstats.com/en/stats/14/team/detail/10787/lastDays

User Stats
S├ębastien: http://statseb.boinc-af.org/charity/

Comparison Stats
XSmeagolX: https://timo-schneider.de/sgstats/charity2018


To all crunchers: Enjoy the race ! :bounce:

Comparison stats will be available on


@modesti: please change the date in your post! I think, it has to be 2018... :D

Hi Smeagol,

Thanks for the link to the comparison stats - and for your eagle eyes ;) Link added and date corrected in first post

Pr├ęsent je serais.  :toofoo: :toofoo:


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