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a flower spring

Started by ousermaatre, 30 March 2020 à 18:25:17

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Few flowers have played such an important role in religion, politics and medicine as the poppy.
Often growing along roads, in ditches and other modest places, these flowers have enchanted poets and helped doctors for centuries.
Apart from its medicinal and edible qualities, this flower symbolizes very deep emotions.

In many cultures, the pivot symbolizes:

Restorative sleep and healing
Consolation after a loss or death in the family
Remembering the dead of various wars and armed conflicts
An active imagination
Peace in death
Book messages in dreams
Resurrection and eternal life
Beauty and success
Extravagance and luxury



Like many flowers, camellia is both the scientific and common name for this beautiful flower.
Its name comes from Father Georg Joseph Kamel when Carl Linnaeus, creator of taxonomy, standardized the name of plants in 1753.
Ironically, Kamel, who was a botanist, did not work on the camellia himself.

This flower speaks to the heart and expresses positive feelings. Some of the most common meanings include:

desire or passion
perfection and excellence
loyalty and longevity


Lily of the valley

It was in 1561 that Charles IX offered strands of lily of the valley to his entourage, thus initiating what was to become a tradition that is still firmly rooted in customs today.

Beyond the symbol linked to the 1st of May, the lily of the valley has a meaning all its own in the language of flowers.
The lily of the valley is the symbol of happiness and more particularly of happiness regained.
We offer it when we want to mark the joy of the return of happiness in our lives, or when we want to wish the person to whom we offer it to find happiness as soon as possible.

It is also lily of the valley that you can offer to someone you have fallen out with, to invite him or her to reconcile, in order to regain the happiness of being together.
This can be the case for a friendly relationship such as a love relationship, to invite his or her companion to get closer, after an argument or a quarrel for example.



It may not be the most stylish flower in the garden, but the beauty and grace of a simple tulip has made the flower a symbol for these different concepts:

Perfect and lasting love between partners or family members...
Infinite and passionate love, whether the passion is rejected or shared
Royalty and Royal Nature
Forgotten or neglected love
11th wedding anniversary
Abundance, Prosperity and Forgiveness
Charity and help for the most unfortunate


Pungent buttercup

Ranunculus acris, in Latin, belongs to the Renunculaceae family.
Ranunculus means "little frog" probably because of the many species of ranunculus that enjoy
the wetlands where these batrachians live; acris means "acrid", for the bitter reputation of the plant's juice.



Daisy means:

Innocence, especially for white daisies with a yellow or pale centre.
Purity - also represented by daisies as white as possible.
A new beginning, which is why they are often found in bouquets offered to new mothers or children.
True love - because each daisy is in fact the harmonious union of two flowers.
That the giver can keep a secret. Keeping a secret is a way to show someone that you really love them.

In English, the word "daisy" comes from an Old English term and means "eye of the day" because these flowers only open during the day.



What does forget-me-not mean in the language of flowers?
True and eternal love
Remembering during a separation or after death
A bond that stands the test of time
Loyalty and loyalty in a relationship, despite separation and all the challenges
Appeal to favourite memories or time spent with someone.
A growing affection between two people
Honouring the Armenian Genocide
Helping people with Alzheimer's disease
Caring for the poor, the sick and the needy


Pansy flower ? (Viola wittrockiana) 

Often confused with the violet because it belongs to the violet family, they are distinguished by its 4 petals upwards and one downwards.
Unlike violets, which have 2 petals upwards and 3 downwards.

In French,offering pansy simply means: "I am thinking of you".
It is the flower which makes it possible to say that one has an affectionate thought towards a close one.

It is also widely used to express remembrance because in Greek mythology, the young Io was transformed into a heifer
by her lover Zeus (to escape Hera's vengeance) and placed in a field of pansies to spend the end of her life savouring the memory of her love.


Creeping myrtle

In temperate European zones, the little creeping myrtle, this ruderal is a bio-indicator that signals
that a plot of land was once used by man, possibly several centuries or millennia ago, making it the indicator plant for treasure seekers.



It is derived from the Greek legend about a handsome young man
named Hyakinthos who was killed by Zephyr, the god of the west wind and also from the word for a blue gemstone.
Meaning of hyacinth:
Sincerity (blue)
Significance of the Victorian era: game or sport or doing a sport
Can also mean recklessness (like the behavior of the god Zephyr).
Jealousy (yellow)
Purple means sadness for the harm done



The primroses announce the end of winter and the arrival of spring and its beautiful days. ...
The white primrose symbolizes the purity of a love that is idealized.
The primrose is the symbol of youth, the innocence of a first love or first love desires.


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Forsythia symbolizes patience, waiting.
He is a very characteristic deciduous shrub because of its luminous
flowering which announces the arrival of spring, from March to April.
It is very hardy (-20°C) and fast growing.
In France, it is also called the "Mimosa of Paris".