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Hello everybody,

I've noticed that the SG team has already scheduled to race from 18.01.2010 to 30.01.2010

So we just have to choose a project to crunch together.
What are the criterias for a project to be chosen ?


I'm ready and I wait. :coffeetime:

Black Hole Sun:

Hi. The rules are Simple. The Project has to be Medical or Biological (maybe climate aswell?). Non comercial prefered, but like on Drug Discovery with its mix of comercial/non comercial, not recomended. Not to big as the Crunch should give the Projekt a noteable push.

What the Projekt needs to provide is: Enough free slots to handle all the new users and the Server/Network power to provide enough work. That need to be cleared with an Admin. Like we did last time on Poem. Maybe the Projekt can provide Special Charity workunits then, like Poem did.

At the moment my personal favorite is Drug Discovery. But it seem they are not able to handle such massive manpower we together can provide. As Poem is a German Projekt maybe there is a French Projekt that we could push next year? Well i hope my english is understandable. I'm a bit rusty ;)

Greetings from Germany AgentSchatten aka sdw

Black Hole Sun:

Rules for the choice of the project look nice.
To choose a French project, I guess we need to create one as none is alive :gno:

About the commercial issue, being a Charity race, the project statement concerning the results must be absolutely clear.


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