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The Charity Event 2022 is over. Hope to see you again next year.
Das Charity Event 2022 ist vorbei. Wir hoffen auf ein Wiedersehen im nächsten Jahr.
Le Charity Event 2022 est terminé. Dans l'espoir de vous revoir l'année prochaine.

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The Charity Team statistics Web Site by SETIBZH open up ;)

Started by Origin, 14 January 2009 à 19:45:42

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Quote from: Extra BallI suggest we trade Origin for like 50 FB points :)

If I was to decide, i would say: Deal!


QuoteIf I was to decide, i would say: Deal!


Black Hole Sun

I have a much better idea : if you want our Origin, it would be much easier to join l'AF :whistle:


You'd have to change your name to "L'Alliance Francophone Et Semi-Fancophone Et Peut-Etre Un Petit Peu Francophone" when I look at my french skills... ;)




Quote from: Origin:lol:

I'm not for sale or trade or whatever, freaks !
That would be interesting if anyone was ASKING you  [:sg-digi421:10]