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Mini Team Haity by the Charity Team

Started by SEARCHER, 21 January 2010 à 21:32:20

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By the way, member Peluche is a girl with a big heart, thanks a lot to her !


Big THX to peluche to  :bounce: was a good idee :oki: Merci

Salute  :lol: Keyx


 :oki: Remerciements mes Teamleaderin le mini l`èquipe Haity AF Peluche   :D :D

:frenchy: SEARCHER
Member of Charity Team


 :/ Oh it`s sad now, the Mini Team Haity by Charity Team have 23 Members and stay now of Place 20 in the Country Stats by Docking@Home.

:hello: SEARCHER
Member of Charity Team


Unfortunatly, I fear that the number of members of MT Haiti will be more and more decreasing with the Charity Team members returning to their original team.

As I joined Docking especially for the Charity Race, I still haven't decided whether I'll stay with Charity Team or change to AF...
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Good Morning and Hello,
Members of Mini Team Haity,
Members of Charity Team,
all Visitors here.

The last Weeks I see in German TV or German Newspapers, no News or Reports of Haiti. I know the Time goes quickly and every Day we have and become new Reports in TV and Headlines by Newspaper. But the Situation in Haiti is same as the big Earthquake come and the People in Haiti need more Help again. So I hope some People here, can give a Donation to the Helping Organisations in Haiti and help the Country Haiti and all the People of Haiti. I give yesterday my second Donation for Haiti, maybe somebody can make same.

Member of Charity Team


THX SEARCHER for Information. I see that also in such a way. tries to engage me also again stronger in Haiti.
THX SEARCHER and all Members of Mini Team Haiti in all share to the earth.

best wishes  :) Keyx