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Black Hole Sun:

So far, we have the dates scheduled for the race.

So we still need:
- to choose the project :siflotte:
- have a beautiful image to decorate the forum and to announce our action all over the Boinc Community
- have fun together

Choosing the project is going on.

However, we would still need a logo.
But : since the migration of this forum, last year's logo has disappeared. Is there any way to put a (different) logo for each section (= year) of this forum or would we need a single, neutral logo to put in the header?

Who made last year's logo?

I'm preparing to create an image with the (still to be) chosen project and also contributing the last years logo.
So it will contain the projects logo, the name, the duration and an invitation to join. Maybe also credits  :siflotte:

But I also like the idea of an universal "Charity-Team" logo. I will try to create something like this too. ;)


Very good news zwitschi, I'm impatient to see that. ;)

So this is what I thought about for this year:


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