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About the race : the how to

Started by Black Hole Sun, 14 December 2009 à 07:27:43

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Black Hole Sun


How to participate to the Benefit-Crunching-Action on Docking@Home (17 - 30/01/2010)

1. First, get as many computers as you can :love:
2. Create an account on the project : this account can be personal or be for a group of users who want to crunch together (see below for this feature).
If you already have an account on the project, go on it and quit your current team (for the time of the Charity Race).
3. Join this team: http://docking.cis.udel.edu/community/team/display.php?teamid=1209
Just follow the link and click "join"
4. Now your account is joined to the Charity Team.
5. Crunch!!!!

Now, if several persons want to crunch together on a unique account in the Charity Team, it's easy:
1. The group account needs to exist: it's a normal account. Create it if it doesn't already exist.
2. The owner of the account can see both the Account Key and the Weak Account Key.
3. The owner of the account can just communicate the Weak Account Key to the persons who want to join the group account.

See our stats
Here: http://charitystats-bzh.boinc-af.org/index.php
And here: http://statseb.boinc-af.org/charity/
The topic to talk about stats is there: http://forum.charity.boinc-af.org/index.php/topic,36.0.html

To measure the Charity Team power on Docking@Home:

To all crunchers: enjoy the Charity Race 2010 :bounce:


Will there again be the chance to join collect accounts (like the SG-Booster)? I'd love to do that this year from day 1.

Black Hole Sun

Of course!
Since this only depends on the tags you use to join, there will be no problem ;) The use of the weak account key can help a lot for this


Once the vote is over (45mn) could we have details about the how to join the charity team ?
(or does it have to be created first in the chosen project ?)

Black Hole Sun

Black Hole Sun

How to is updated.

Still have to write the "group" feature


Quote from: metepuck on 07 January 2010 à 22:49:21
Will there again be the chance to join collect accounts (like the SG-Booster)? I'd love to do that this year from day 1.


still at the moment I collect some informations (links) for the xml for the SG-Booster-Acc.

when i uploades it i post the success here.

Be invited to participate thrugh the SG-Booster-Acc. at the Charity-Crunch 2010.


Everyone can crunch on the Booster account for the duration of the Charity-Crunch if they want to.
The Booster is a member of the Charity-Team.

If you are interested, either PM me or watch the links below:

(the Docking-xml is online - link to the thread in the SG-Forum (in german):


or the seperat thread (how to do also in english):


Best RealSanta


The xml-File for the SG-Booster works fine.

Now I can spend time and power and take part:

0% Stargazer, but 100% Charity
100% charitable, 0% race

I just had to rename the project-xml-files for Stargazer@docking in the Boinc-folder (.xml -> .1xml; and rename after the race).