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How to register the forum and set it to German language

Started by Black Hole Sun, 11 January 2010 à 19:50:01

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Black Hole Sun


This is to help you register here.

First step: Click on the words "vous inscrire" (means "register")

Second step:

1. Enter your pseudo
2. Enter your Email address
3. Check this box IF you want other users to contact you by email
4. Enter your password twice (second is to check)
5. Copy the caracters you see in the captcha (if you only see 1, click on "demander une autre image" until you get several caracters to copy)
6. After the long text in French, CHECK the box (it means you agree the forum rules)
7. Click that button to register

You will receive an email with the pseudo and the password. It is just a reminder, there's nothing to activate as you'll see in the next post

Black Hole Sun

How to set the German langage:

Third step:

As you can see in 1, you are automatically logged on the forum right after registration

2. Put your mouse on the "Profil" tab and choose the first entry of the menu that is displayed ("Paramètres du compte" means account settings). You will get to the next screen

1. This is where you can set the forum to German
2. For security reasons, you need to enter your password here
3. Click on this button and the forum will be set to German language


SG Nullinger

Thanks for the very good dicription. So it work´s.  :kookoo:


Seti Germany


 :kookoo: Good Morning and Hello Black Hole Sun,

a great Work, so many Thanks from me too.

:frenchy: your SEARCHER
Member of Charity Team


Hallo, Black Hole - thank you for your help. I'm here .. :love: and you have here wonderful smileys :pt1cable: