Author Topic: To add some more Charity to this .  (Read 3041 times)

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To add some more Charity to this .
« on: 22 January 2010 à 23:19:21 »
I am going to donate 1€ for every million points we make during this event.
Since my money is somewhat limited :D i have to put an upper limit of 50€ total .

After this event is over , i will make a Donation to "Ärzte ohne Grenzen"
I think this translates to doctors without borders or médecins sans frontières.

Then i am going to post some sort of "proof" here that i did it.

I realize that this ain't so much money , but maybe it will be enough to encourage some to join our team.

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Re : To add some more Charity to this .
« Reply #1 on: 25 January 2010 à 07:52:07 »
great thought! congratulations!! :gloiraseti: