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Clean Up

Started by SEARCHER, 13 February 2011 à 08:13:15

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 :D Hello Folks,

the 3. CHARITY TEAM CONTEST 2011 is finished now, but I stay now a while longer here.
I help here by the Clean Up , by Project Malariacontrol.net and I  :hyperbon: :hyperbon: :hyperbon: first all Workunits from this Project finished, before I changed to another Project.
;) Maybe somebody want do it same me.

:frenchy: SEARCHER

P.S.   :siflotte: My old Pentium4 3,4GHz stay now a while longer here, first I want have my 100.000 Credits by Malariacontrol.net  :siflotte:
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I will also finish the rest of my WUs under the banner of the Charity Team. Maybe push to the top3000 worldwide - or the top2000 ? We'll see ;)

Happy crunching :hyperbon: :hyperbon: :hyperbon: :hyperbon:
Last Unicorn of L'Alliance Francophone
Under the most rigorously controlled conditions of pressure, temperature, volume, humidity and other variables, the computer will do as it damn well pleases. (Harvard's Law, as Applied to Computers)


I still have more than 100 wu in my cache, and I will :hyperbon: them before leaving the Charity Team

And thank you to all of us that supported Tunisia and Egypt during the Contest :smak:

Happy crunching !


 :D Hello Folks,

now I was finished with my CLEAN UP and all my Workunits from Malariacontrol.net are  :hyperbon: :hyperbon: :hyperbon:.
;) And now I start my PRIVATE RUN for the 100.000 Credits by Malariacontrol.net and I not changed my TEAM.

:frenchy: SEARCHER
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Ah non, moi je suis repassé sur mon compte à 00:01  :blbl:


It fits in here, that the Admin of MalariaControl.net, Nicholas Maire, sent me a mail:

Dear CC-Team,

Many thanks for the update, and also again for organizing this!

I think that with very few short interruptions, our server dealt well with the increased load due to the high activity - and for the project, this boost came at a very good time, with a lot of demand for CPU time.

We'll very soon post a long-overdue status update, and will give an update on the science, and acknowledge your effort.
Best regards,
Nicolas Maire
Swiss Tropical and Public Health Institute
Dept. Epidemiology & Public Health
CH-4002 Basel

...so it is...

Greets lost :D