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« on: 13 February 2011 à 07:57:11 »
 :D Good Morning and Hello Folks,

the 3. CHARITY TEAM CONTEST 2011 by Project is finished now. So I think it`s Time now to say THANK YOU ALL for this great Event.

Thank you for the Administrator`s from Team L`Alliance Francophone and Team SETI.Germany who created this 3. CHARITY TEAM CONTEST 2011.
Thank you for all Helping Hand`s who make Statistics, very nice Logos and many many more.
Thank you for all Participant`s who Crunch the last 2 Weeks by the 3. CHARITY TEAM CONTEST 2011 with us.

 :siflotte:  But by all Happiness, about over 9 Million Credits, the 14.  Place by the Team Statistics by, all Overtakes from another Teams and many many individual Statistics, I think we not forget the biggest Thing by this 3. CHARITY TEAM CONTEST 2011. In the last 2 Weeks so  many Members, from many Teams and many Countrys, Crunch and Fight`s in ONE TEAM . And we Found the last 2 Weeks many new Friends , so I say this was biggest Thing in the last 2. Weeks. And this was THE MESSAGE for the next CHARITY TEAM CONTEST 2012 :siflotte:
I Hope , I can see you all again here, very soon .

 :jap: :hello:  SEARCHER

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