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Thanx from
« on: 16 February 2011 à 22:25:00 »
I would like to bring up the mail that Nicholas Maire, Admin of has sent to me (and the whole Charity Team, I think):

Dear lost68er,

Many thanks for the update, and also again for organizing this!

I think that with very few short interruptions, our server dealt well with the increased load due to the high activity - and for the project, this boost came at a very good time, with a lot of demand for CPU time.

We'll very soon post a long-overdue status update, and will give an update on the science, and acknowledge your effort.
Best regards,
Nicolas Maire
Swiss Tropical and Public Health Institute
Dept. Epidemiology & Public Health
CH-4002 Basel

Greets lost :D

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Re : Thanx from
« Reply #1 on: 17 February 2011 à 04:15:39 »
Really nice from him!